5 SEP 2022  Submarina. 

I explore the states of matter using the Fiat 500 engine as a study element. They can be defined as the archetypal energies that have their effect on our being, our consciousness and our way of understanding the world.


As a continuation of the work:

¨Organic alloys¨ departs from the idea of a star collapsing from its core. In the stages prior to the fusion, the 26 elements that make the periodic table are generated. Then its core becomes pure iron, its last state. When the core turns into pure iron and does not fuse anymore, the next step is the explosion of the star. The meteorite, as a result of the explosion, reaches earth with all the enzymes and bacteria necessary to create life.  For this this specific reason I decide to work with metal foundry from everyday discarded mass consumption products or scheduled obsolescence such as: car engines and beer cans. All these contemporary these metals were originated in these cosmic explosions.  In order to create a miniature replica of these fusions, I created a portable foundry oven to use in the public space.  In my quest of adding another quality to metal, I merged them with vitamins and minerals from organic matter (discarded fruit  collected in the street markets in Mexico City). Some of the other substances I have added to the merging: precious stones, tree resin, tobacco, myrrh, storax, anise, dandelion, palo santo, dehydrated fish, cinnamon. There is an interest in transforming the spirit of the material I work with. Most of the foundries were made in the full moon and in the eclipse of the sun of August 21, 2017. Immediate contact with the earth is part of the fusion as a sculptural gesture. The resulting sculptures are unique to the earths quality of the specific site.