15 AGO – 3 OCT 2015. Oblicuo
Móvil, Buenos Airea Argentina.

It is a spider structure. All forces are decomposed in two or more directions. Spectators are invited to walk the structure randomly exploring it from with in. A series of specific actions occurred through out the exhibition, such as a tarot card reading of the structure as a entity, a musical composition specifically created and played inside the structure.  Exploring my background as an architect I wanted to work with all my body limitations seeking the simplest for of construction such as, nails, wire, rope, found wood and new wood (I did not cutting in order to return it back to the wood). It has build with the least amount of possible supports to the ground and obliques.

Action Substance. The tarot artist Grabriela Chavarini gave the sculpture an Egyptian tarot reading. Its space-time relationship and resonance with its visitors.