2014 - Cosmic belt, fire rocks and pottery. Medellin, Colombia.

This project was developed based on the earth’s characteristics and average climate of Santa Elena, Medellín, Colombia. I made an earthen furnace, excavating a 6 metre long tunnel on the side of the hill. The lower entrance to the tunnel provides the needed oxygen for combustion. The furnace reaches an approximate temperature of 1000 degrees celsius. Through the  higher entrance to the tunnel, lumps of earth are extracted from the land, accommodated in a designed compartment where the the heat transforms them into ceramic. These ceramic pieces were then transported to Plecto Gallery where they were suspended from the ceiling, following the visible alignment of the stars at the zenith of the firing. The suspended ceramics sustain a continuous movement.

The location of the ceramics in the exhibition room is diagrammed according to the constellation on the oven mountain.